Mekorot introduces the PeakWater software solution for water supply system optimization and energy savings


About Mekorot
Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Authority, is a world leader in all aspects of water resource management. Supplying drinking water to over 7 million people, it operates over 3,000 installations across the country and provides approximately 80% of Israel’s drinking water. Founded in 1937, Mekorot employs a workforce of over 2,000 dedicated professionals with extensive experience and know-how in the implementation of innovative technologies for the water supply industry.

The Challenge 
Energy costs associated with pump operation account for a substantial part of the budget of any water utility. With the rising cost of electricity, today’s challenge is to find innovative ways to supply water at the lowest possible cost. With the advent of private power stations and emerging
natural gas resources, Mekorot now has the opportunity to take advantage of new energy tariffs based on real-time dynamic pricing as an alternative to the traditional TOU (Time of Use) tariffs. To accomplish this, it needs to be able to perform accurate forward planning of energy onsumption,
respond in real-time to changes in demand and system constraints, and develop an optimal mix of energy suppliers.

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 Peak CS01

The Project

Mekorot, and its WaTech® Partnership Center, entered into a joint pilot project with Peak-Dynamics to demonstrate the applicability of PeakWater for meeting the needs of energy-cost-effective water supply. The selected site was the Ayalon-Jerusalem water supply system serving Jerusalem and its environs, with a population of about 1,000,000. Water supplied to Jerusalem (elevation of 2,700 feet) is lifted approximately 2,400 feet via a series of pumping stations, with a total of over 50 pumps all managed from a central command & control room. Additionally, the system is fed by groundwater from over 10 deep wells. The Ayalon-Jerusalem water system supplies roughly 55 Mgal/day, with an annual energy cost of some $25 million USD. 

The PeakWater optimization system was installed and tested on a subset of the Ayalon water transmission network inclusive of 5 pump stations and 7 wells with a total of 36 pumping units. The PeakWater architecture includes a prediction model of water demand up to a week ahead; a fully calibrated hydraulic network simulation model (EPANET) simulating flow, energy, pressure, and tank storage at any point in time; and the OSSA (Optimized Stochastic Search Algorithm) optimization process providing optimal pump schedules while maintaining operational constraints. Requiring no field installationsand integrating real-time with Mekorot’s SCADA, the PeakWater optimization system was tested for a continuous period under actual operational conditions during which its recommendations were evaluated by Mekorot’s professional staff and then deployed for approved pump schedule operation.

 “We have been waiting for a system like PeakWater to help the controllers with our operations”...

“With PeakWater we have the tools to smartly operate the network, run
scenarios, and be more efficient”

Pavel Naidanov, Head of Ayalon Command & Control Center, Mekorot
Gal Malachi, Chief Water Supply Engineer, Mekorot Central Region



The project successfully demonstratedthe ability of PeakWater to achieve real-time optimized control of large water transmission and distribution networks with dozens of pumping units, while achieving substantial cost savings. Results showed a 7% savings (for the tested time period) in energy costs, while meeting changing operational constraints and goals.

 “I see great potential inimplementing PeakWater in Mekorot. We are dedicated to the implementation of new cost saving technologies, and PeakWater is definitely one we can count on.”

Yossi Yaacoby, Director of
WaTech® Division, Mekorot


PeakWater’s combination of the OSS Aalgorithm with a full hydraulic model provides a powerful operational and planning system that leads to significant energy and cost savings (7%) while maintaining supply reliability. Satisfied with its operation and cost savings, Mekorot is looking into implementing PeakWater in additional locations.