January 2016 - Mei-Raanana and Peak-Dynamics extend contract for implementing optimal resource utilization and operations.

  January 2015 - Peak-Dynamics signs contract with Mei-Raanana for implementing optimal resource utilization and operations.

  October 2014 - Mekorot chooses Peak-Dynamics for performing design and evaluation of a real-time optimization system for Bikat Hayarden water delivery system. 

  August 2014 - Peak-Dynamics performs booster station optimization in Sharonim water utility using Optimized Booster Station algorithm. 

Mekorot introduces the PeakWater software solution for water supply system optimization and energy savings


OSSA – GA technology benchmark
Optimization of real-time operations in water distribution systems is challenging due to the large number of parameters in the system and its non-linearity. In addition, for real-time operations the optimization process must be fast enough to reach feasible solutions in short time periods (usually less than 10 minutes).


August 2012 - MER group invested at Peak-Dynamic

CleantechOpen  Peak-Dynamics was selected to be included in the Cleantech Open Northeast 2013-Semifinalists. Clean tech open web site