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Peak-Dynamics - Energy-Optimized Waterworks

Water system optimization from Peak-Dynamics

Peak-Dynamics is a research-driven hi-tech company that addresses the complexity of operating a water utility, charged with maintaining reliability of service and assuring water quality, while minimizing energy and other operational costs. Its groundbreaking software system, PeakWater, and innovative OSSA (Optimized Stochastic Search Algorithm) technology, offers water utility management and operations personnel means to realize significant energy savings.

Starting out in a technological incubator, Peak-Dynamics emerged to become a member of the MER Group with its innovative system, PeakWater, representing a new level of water utility management. Overlooking and interfacing with the SCADA system from which it collects current and historic data, it monitors and controls the energy efficiency aspects of the network's operation.

A uniquely new feature introduced by the system involves a comparative analysis of energy supplier tariffs. Ensuring compliance with contractual demands and constraints, PeakWater allows water authorities to take advantage of the increasingly open private energy market. No other available system includes this considerable cost-saving option. Combining optimized water system management with optimized leverage of energy tariffs, Peak-Dynamics seeks to usher utilities to a new level of operations in the era of the Water-Energy Nexus. Marketing its solution to water system management companies and integrators, as well as to municipal, regional and national water authorities, it offers previously unattainable levels of reliability and cost savings.

Peak-Dynamics is manned by a team of highly educated and skilled personnel from software developers through seasoned hi-tech entrepreneurs and experts in international sales activities, to renowned business consultants, R&D managers and experts in the field of water system modeling and pricing decisions. Poised for growth, the company has recently established representation in the US.

Peak-Dynamics is a member of MER Group

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